Fernanda Gabenara

Fernanda Gabenara is an adventurous woman hailing from Argentina currently working as a producer. She began her professional career producing massive events, later focusing on commercial advertisement for television and film. She has produced several motion pictures including; “Restos” (Alfonso Pineda) and “Salvando al Soldado Perez” (Beto Gómez).

Her experience living in different countries has given Fernanda a cultural and human context that, along with her sensibility, enables her to connect profoundly with her work. These tools have allowed her to thrive in her professional career as well as develop her commitment to supporting projects which promote social responsibility and sustainable development.

A lifelong hockey player, Fernanda knows first-hand the importance of teamwork. She brings an inviting and professional environment to any collaboration she decides to undertake, where ideas and mate are always brewing.